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In 1870 when George Washington Case, a farmer and butcher in Belle Mead, New Jersey, began selling a pork roll he made from his own special recipe, he never expected that people all over the country would one day be clamoring for his product. Nor did he expect that the small business (originally called The Case Pork Pack Co.) he began at his farm would become the thriving enterprise that today is known as the Case Pork Roll Company. Noted facts: The original Case’s Pork Pack was freshly garnished in corn husks as its original packaging. Years later, the hickory smoked, vacuumed sealed packaging was applied for that great taste known today as Case’s Pork Roll.
George Washington Case, Founder
For all you sports enthusiasts and trivia buffs, the Case family is not only known for its pork roll.  George W. Case, Jr. was a major league baseball player for the Washington Senators during the 30’s and 40’s. George Case was the ballplayer who caught the last fly ball hit by Lou Gehrig before his retirement in 1939. He was best known for his base stealing record six years in a row in the American League. While playing for the Cleveland Indians for one season, George was challenged to race the infamous Olympic Champion Jesse Owens around a baseball diamond (which George lost by half a step). After his playing days were over, some of George’s career steps included managing the Oneonta Yankees, was third base coach for the New York Yankees, Washington Senators and the Minnesota Twins, and ending his career as a scout for the Texas Rangers and the Seattle Mariners. He was the son of the founder of Case Pork Roll Company, George Washington Case and brother to W. Clifford Case. W. Clifford Case was also the first owner of the Trenton Senators, a minor league team in Trenton, New Jersey, where his brother George and the famous Willie Mays began their brilliant careers.

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If you would like to see a “behind the scenes” look at major league baseball through the eyes of a major league ballplayer, George Case Jr., go this website and you will be able to get a video showing a rare look at major league baseball during the years immediately prior to WWII and concluding in 1946, a year after the end of the war. This is what life was like in the major leagues - not from a fan’s perspective, not from a newsreel, but from a ballplayer’s view. You’ll see President Franklin D. Roosevelt “throwing out the first ball,” at least 15 future Hall of Famer’s in their playing days including Ted Williams, Joe DiMaggio, Hank Greenberg, Bill Dickey, Jimmie Foxx, Lefty Grove, spring training, bus rides, train travel, pre-game promotions, club house scenes and the life of a major league baseball player.

Below you will find some original pictures of the “Case Pork Pack Company” now known as the Case Pork Roll Company. The Case Pork Roll Company is still a family-owned business and has been for over 145 years!
George W. Case, Jr.
After preparing the meat with its special seasonings, the pork roll is stuffed into canvas bags and hung on racks. It is then stored in a special room where it is hickory smoked. When completed, it is vacuum sealed to preserve that great flavor that everyone knows as Case’s Pork Roll. Before adding the special seasonings, the ingredients are carefully prepared and maintained for processing per US Government regulations. A daily inspection is done of the company operations by a US Government official. 
W. Clifford Case takes the shovel and adds the hickory chips for the special hickory smoked flavoring. 
History of the Case Pork Roll Family